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Old 11th January 2017, 10:46 PM
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Default Help : Scout

Hi, can you guys help me with some tips for my scout?

I want it to be strong and that in the long term it can be in a good ranking. I am a new player and sorry if my question is very simple.
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Old 11th January 2017, 11:27 PM
bobo baggins bobo baggins is offline
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well to start you will most likely hear a couple different way b4 it is all said and done but this is how I do all classes. till I max gold per point I keep main stat ( for a scout is dex) and con the same cost per point. then slowly work luck to give abt 30+35% for chance to crit. then with left over gold if any left that can be used I will throw some evenly into the 2 off stats as it does help lower the damage taken from the other 2 classes.

As for gear normal items always main stat only for bonus. I never ever use luck items. as for epics I like the 3 stat over all stat but if not shrooming then beggers cant be choosers. weapons I am iffy on using epic weapons but done so in the past mages they tend to be the best for. warriors I nvr use epic weapons. but in general any weapon that increases the number on the far right of your main stat line which would look something like this ~12345 is worth keeping even if it is an epic.

I hope this helps and it should anyone new starting with any class just a matter of knowing what the main stat of each class is.

have fun, fight hard, die honorably
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Old 12th January 2017, 08:50 AM
Ctrl_Alt_Delete_F4 Ctrl_Alt_Delete_F4 is offline
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do quests focusing on experience, not gold. You will make enough gold anyway

this weekend is a gold event, so hoard your mushrooms, and spend them all during this weekend buying beers at the tavern, and this weekend only focus on gold quests

after the gold event, go back to exp quests

as for stats, 2 main theories:
1) keep your primary stat and constitution equal, luck high enough so that you have 50% luck with a potion, and the other 2 stats are at 10%-20% of your primary stats

2) keep your constitution at 90% of your primary stat, luck high enough so that you have 50% luck with a potion, and the other 2 stats are at 10%-20% of your primary stats

when you encounter something called the tower, around lvl 150, then push the other stats up to 50% of your primary stat

Other than that, save your mushrooms, only use them to buy a mount (the one that costs 1 mushroom), and the rest save, and use during exp events and gold events...

that should get you ahead of other players...

They also start a new server every month, so experiment with this character, wait for a new server to open, and go there 1st day, that way you will not be 3 weeks behind everyone else, like you are now
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