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September & October Contest

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  • Leander
    And the winners are:

    1st place: 100 Librax ,
    2nd place: 80 Forst93 ,
    3rd place: 60 Jurik Joriksson ,
    4th place: 40 StirbLangsam ,
    5th place: 20 zeet ,


    1st place: 100+10 = 110 QeniXLTU ,
    2nd place: 60+10 = 70 gokuking ,

    3rd place: ---

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  • Leander
    started a topic September & October Contest

    September & October Contest

    September & October Contest

    As the forum was down and there was no contest last month, here's a combined contest with twice as high prizes!

    Task: none this time. Just submit your entry!


    Important: if a solution is hidden in a background image, you need to look at the browser or Steam version of the game!
    If a certain item, monster, dungeon or text in general is required, switch to the English version of the game!

    Deadline: October 31

    How to participate & rules: Link

    Important: always submit your account name and server with your entry. Otherwise it won't be valid.

    Players on US servers: please enter "Community Contest US" as PM subject!

    1st place: 100
    2nd place: 80
    3rd place: 60
    4th place: 40
    5th place: 20