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Sticker hunting Glitch

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    Sticker hunting Glitch

    Me and a guildie tested this. We dont know why it happens, but heres what our issue is:

    Someone in another guild attacked me, and that individual has a piece of equipment i need sticker for. When i won the battle, i got that sticker. When I attacked a guildie and he won, i have a piece of equipment he needs sticker for. Yet he did not get that sticker. The concept behind the 2 attacks were exactly the same:

    Person 1 attacks Person 2, Person 2 wins in defense. Sticker was obtained on first example, but wasnt obtained in the second.

    Did you equip the item or did you just keep it in your bag?
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      (Sticker not received) always equipped. like my shield for example. had it equipped. he attacked me and won, but didnt get the sticker.

      (Sticker received) Someone else i dealt with, they had a necklace i wanted, so they unequipped and attacked me. i won.