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Unable to find last mirror piece after 2 weeks

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    Unable to find last mirror piece after 2 weeks

    Hello guys,

    I think i found a bug, since I cannot find the last mirror piece that I need. I regularly check all quests, and there are no mirror pieces for my char. It was about two or three weeks since i got the last one. I think i was patient enough, but this now starts to annoy me.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?


    Well i sometimes hear people in chat say they completed it, almost every day (i play 4 servers though). I do think you are 1 of the last to complete it.
    My chars:
    Fullpowerahead, 292 mage, s1: NL
    Fullpowerahead, 308 scout, s2: NL
    Fullpowerahead, 290 mage, s1: UK
    Fullpowerahead, 272 warrior, s2: UK


      Hi, i am playing S&F for more than two years, and I think i can smell bug

      I am still trying to get this last mirror piece, for about more than 3 weeks, and nothing happens. Once i got the two mirror pieces in one quest turn, but since player can play only one quest at the time, i got only one mirror piece. Now i am short by one piece, and i cannot complete my mirror. I am kindly asking Leander, to escalate this problem to S&F developers, to check out what is going wrong.

      My game username: prcko

      Kind regards,


        Youre not the only one mate I know several players who still dont have the last one. Yet one of my guild members completed theirs yesterday. Its not a bug its just random. I guess its just a matter of patience.


          Yes just have to have Patience as it is random and of course the more pieces you have the harder it is to get the rest.
          have fun, fight hard, die honorably


            Okay thank, thank you guys for the answers, i will be patient, and I will also post here, when i get the last mirror piece. Cheers


              Hi all, today I finally got my last mirror piece. All I need is to be really really patient, since for almost two weeks i could not find it

              Thank you guys for your support!


                Good to hear your mirror is complete now.

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