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    I tried today again and indeed it was much better than normally.
    Around 16h00 I find also 4-5 epics with only 60 mushrooms, inclusive buying 2 epics.
    This evening tried again, 50 mushrooms no luck. That is for me not a problem, cause I have the good/normal streak before.

    For me its like something is changed or I just got very very lucky, cause that I never had that sinds april with more than 1000 mushrooms spend on refreshing the shop.

    So for me lets close this and I'll see at next epic weekends for making mine summary of it.

    Leander thanks for the report to playa and the feedback.

    Now specially for Lilli:
    Also, there's not much evidence of you giving that critic. Where exactly did you put it, who was in charge then and what was the answer you received?
    This was on the dutch forum under Elinor or it was a pm to Elinor at the very beginning of this game and never got respons.
    I agree that the login is not as safe as could be. But, on the other hand. Can you give me one example of a player who "lost" his account to a hacker who tried a brute force attack? Or are you honest enough to admit that in reality, those players had just been careless with their passwords (i.e. chose a simple one, gave it away for "sitting" and didn't change it afterwards, etc etc)
    Like in every statistics its normal that players loose there account cause there own fault, give pw when players ask, enter pw to bad sites,... This does not mean that you have to wait for implementing until some real damage has been done. I doubt you would like to be working with an bank where you know you every person with a little knownledge of programming and HTTP protocol can crack your code.

    No, what you do is you claim that there is some problem with the code, without much evidence, and subsequently demand that the code be reviewed. First, please check if you can be sure that there's really something wrong.
    Yep your right, I'll even ask if they wan't me to send the code so I can do it for them so it costs nothing and after a review I know that there is something wrong or not.
    What kind of evidence I can give for that problem? If it doesn't work you don't get much epics and if you report it there is a mod who thinks that there is nothing wrong so a feedback to playa will never be made.
    Real reproducing bugs I can give evidence, something like this is just feeling.

    Improbable, not impossible.
    Well I'm been honest of the login, maybe you can be to. Do you work on/known the code of Shakes and fidget?

    Last point, never heard of xp programming? One thing is that you have to allow critic on your code, you can't be mad at that and always stay open for feedback and what do I do here? For me its giving feedback.
    Do you react on your work also so agressive when there is feedback on your work? I know I don't know everything and that people can see mistakes that I overlook, even on feelings of them. For me its always worth checking it.
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    The more you know, the more you know you don't know.
    Life is a joke, just keep smiling with it.


      I always assume that a company had enough experts checking the code so that there are no huge mistakes.

      There is absolutely no reason why they would share (a part of) the code with players simply because they have a feeling (no offense).

      Personally, I'd keep track of the amont of refreshes and the amount of epics I got. When I reach around 1000 refreshes I'd do some kind of statistical analasys (testing of hypothesis most likely) before saying anything.

      To that end I would need the chance of epics in the shop though...