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    Arena Issue

    Today i did arena, because it is my understanding that i can now earn XP for the first 10 wins of the day

    I clicked arena and got matched against a lvl 44 player (i am 47)
    I win the match, i receive 101 Fame and 44 Gold but nowhere did it say i got XP

    Did i get the XP and it's just not mentioned anywhere? (see EDIT2 below)
    Do have to make 10 wins in total (getting at least 100Fame per win) for any XP to be added?
    Is the extra XP like the portals only for lvl99 players and up?? (see my edit below)
    Is this a bug? Did i misunderstand?

    Really need some clarification on this one, since the description on this feature is very very vague

    Did it again on s2:
    Me:lvl227 opponent: lvl221 (automatch in arena)
    Win 200 Fame 5362G 80S
    No mention of XP
    Ranks (after battle, but this player had HIGHER rank than me): Me:410 opponent:406

    Ok tried again, s2, same opponent (which is a few ranks above me)
    I win again, but now i checked my XP in the character screen BEFORE the match
    Checked XP again after match and it DID give me XP, so the feature seems to work

    However it would be very nice if the amount of XP you win would be mentioned in the report after battle
    A WIN-COUNTER that shows the amount of wins WITH XP THAT DAY would be extremely nice too
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    I have the same issue too


      Originally posted by InfernoBogdan View Post
      I have the same issue too
      Check the following:

      Is the player you attack not 20 ranks lower (or higher??) than you BEFORE you attack
      Check your total XP BEFORE you attack

      Then you attack

      AFTER you attack check if you won at least 100 FAME
      Then in you character screen check your total XP if you gained some

      ONLY if you do not outrank by more than 20 ranks AND win 100 FAME or more do you get XP (and you can do that 10 times each day)

      NOWHERE after you win is mentioned if and how much XP you have won, you can ONLY check that by keeping track of you total XP BEFORE and AFTER the fight

      ^--As far as i know/can check the XP gets credited if you follow the above requirements
      What makes it difficult it that the game does not tell you if you won some XP

      Next to the GOLD and FAME mentioned after a fight i would really like to see the XP too


        You can take the XP bonus without necessarily attacking people that give you fame. As long as they are in the certain rank range. At least that happens for me...

        And i would really like an indicator about the 10 arena fights.. Perhaps something the guild members can also check, in order to keep control of everyone's activity.
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