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Arena/Fame system unbalanced/questions/suggestions

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    Arena/Fame system unbalanced/questions/suggestions

    As stated elsewhere, but i guess overlooked i will post some of the mentioned issues/complaints/suggestions about the new Batlle for XP arena system here

    I hope we can get some straightforward answers/clarification

    1- The biggest chance(or obstacle) for getting XP in arena battle is heavily dependend on you CURRENT fame, and fame being easily manipulated this system feels unbalanced
    It is easy to lower your fame, by spamming a very high player with attacks
    Then when you get lower in Fame you will find yourself amongst players that are easy to win from and farm XP
    It stimulates spamming attacks on a single player (if you win and get XP, why not do it again and again on that same player)
    Also this seems to defy the whole definition of fame (being succesfull in the game/fighting)

    - How is the XP you win calculated? What factors are used?
    Does a lvl 200 player with extremely low fame get the same amount of XP against a lvl 10 player thats only 10 ranks below him/her as a lvl 200 player with VERY HIGH fame against a lvl 210 player 10 ranks below(or above) him/her?
    How does the game calculate the XP?
    Is the amount based on your level? Your rank? Your Fame? A combination?
    How can i make the BEST USE, getting MOST XP as possible using this system
    Do i get XP if someone ATTACKS ME from within the set Rank/fame range?

    Disconnect the battle for XP system from Fame and Ranks like it is now
    Give XP on ALL first 10 wins
    Give VERY LITTLE to wins on WEAK players, VERY MUCH to wins on STRONG players and a SET amount on wins on EQUAL players based on a combination of LVL, STAT-combo and a luck factor
    Limit the time on attacking the SAME PLAYER AGAIN to 1 hour


    remove the "lose Fame on defeat while ATTACKING (very high/out of reach players)" but keep "lose fame on defeat while DEFENDING"(from players in range)
    This would prevent people 'manipulating' their places in ranks, making fame rank doing what it's supposed to do (rank on active fighting and winning)

    2- Many lower players have worked hard (and smart) to reach higher places in Fame, work that now has been rendered useless because of their current positions there is almost nothing to attack within their current rank-range, also attacking other and losing makes them lose fame

    How do hardworking players who like fame keep their positions
    What is done to please these players that followed a set of rules FOR YEARS only to see that their work has been for nothing and the game SUDDENLY CHANGES ITS OWN RULES?
    How does Fame now shows any succes of certain players since the system is turned almost upside down (more fame=harder wins=less XP=less wins=less fame and lower fame=more wins=more succes

    Again like above: Disconnect the battle for XP system from Fame and Ranks like it is now
    Don't let people lose fame while attacking FAR above them in ranks
    Yes those people would (assuming what i suggested about winning XP) get A LOT more XP on a 'lucky' win on a very high player BUT they probably would spend way much more time and effort for that too(potential mushroom income too playa )

    If thats too difficult, look at the second part of my first suggestion, which 'locks' a player on a rank based on his own attacks


    3- Myself and others have stated that it is an annoyance not to be able to see XP you win by battle OTHER than A LOT of crossreferencing or even keeping up a notepad administration
    10 Battles each day (for those who want to compete) is a lot, and without mushrooms it means 100 minutes gameplay each day
    Of course you can combine with missions but since mission have variable times its impossible to 'plan' combining missions and battle efficiently, and ALWAYS resulting in MORE time required to play
    Plus this is calculated that you WIN 10 times in a row, in practice the playtime will be longer
    Of course Playa made a nice mushroom consumer here, almost forcing people to spend +10 mushrooms every day(More Pay to Win, yey!), but even besides that, to be at least a little succesful you have to do a LOT of checking around to see IF and HOW much XP you actually get, next to keeping a 'score' of how many fights you have won per day

    Combine above with the fact that MANY players play MULTIPLE servers each day, resulting in a lot of extra and tedious work (even with or without spending mushrooms)
    We already have to do calculations on every mission to see which mission gives the reward that fits a certain strategy, we don't need more thinking/checking/researching, we need more PLAYING and ENJOYING the game!
    A lot of these issues can be solved by adding a few minor features:

    Showing the AMOUNT OF XP WON next to Gold and Fame in the battle completion screen
    Showing an WIN WITH XP-Counter somewhere (and reset it to 0 at midnight)
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    There have been sooooooooo many suggestions on both this forum and the US forum abt arena attacks that I will only say 1 thing abt it.

    It isn't broke don't fix it.
    have fun, fight hard, die honorably


      I donĀ“t get the part about the XP in Arena in the update, can someone explain?


        Originally posted by bobo baggins View Post
        There have been sooooooooo many suggestions on both this forum and the US forum abt arena attacks that I will only say 1 thing abt it.

        It isn't broke don't fix it.
        Well they just tried to 'fix it' in the last update and then they broke it
        That's why i post this

        I don't mind, i use it like it is now (almost exploiting it)
        But almost everyone i talk to DOES NOT like it, so instead of shouting "THIS SUCKS" i gave it serious thought and suggest how it could be better while not breaking the old style of gameplay (its called constructive critisism )

        Also, there are MANY questions scattered around various topics about the new update that have not been answered.
        The given description is limited and vague
        I just collected some of the many questions, and added the ones i have myself, instead of making 20 topics, i though making 1 and asking for a GOOD explanation was a better idea

        @Sir Wafel:
        C'mon Sir Wafel, what we know is been discussed in numerous topics
        I made this topic for what we don't know

        In short:You can get some XP 10 times each day by winning 10 fights in arena that day
        You don't have to win 10 in a row,you may lose fights as long as you win MAX 10 that day, and for the 11th win (and up) you DON'T get xp
        You only win the XP if the player you fight is MAX 20 places below you in ranks in Hall of Fame(e.g. no.21 does not give the XP when you win)
        I don't know why or what the "must win minimum 100 Fame" means or does, i have gotten XP on players that gave me less than 100 Fame
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