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Problem with guild portal timer.

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    Problem with guild portal timer.

    Today I noticed something wrong with the guild portal: I did enter it 1 hour before the server reset. Nonetheless, due to time difference, the time I entered the portal was past 00:00am in my country (Greece). Even though the server reset did not occur until 1 hour after I had entered the guild portal, the game thinks I have entered the portal for today and wont let me do it.

    (i.e. I entered the guild portal on Thursday 00:23am in Greece, which is not the time the server resets. The server resets in 02:00am Greek time. Yet, I cannot enter the guild portal)
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    German servers: portal resets at midnight (German time) and also Thirst for Adventure is refilled then.
    UK servers: the new day begins at 1 a.m. (German time -> midnight UK time) and you can also enter the portal only at 1 a.m. However, the portal text displays the "Enter" button from midnight on (German time). It is a display error.

    I will report it to Playa.
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