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0 wood from fortress attack

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    0 wood from fortress attack

    I have noticed a large number of opponents only give 0 wood and a varying number of stones... How is it possible that the wood is not moving? They must have a woodcutters hut since they have fortifications.

    I believe it is a bug not sure if just a visual one or not though.
    have fun, fight hard, die honorably


      Its not visual, one night I slept (yes sometimes I do that) and was defeated 5 times and all the time raport say I lost only stones. And can confirm I lost really only stones.

      PS I must be unlucky to get attacket 3 times in a row by the same person.
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        I attacked somebody in the fortress and after the fight it showed me that I won 14432 wood and 5300 stone...

        but the defender has also watched the attack and he says that after the fight it showed him he losed 0 wood and 5300 stone..

        I also noticed when I was been attacked it says everytime I lost 0 wood....

        So there must be something wrong with this


          It's a display bug that will the fixed soon (patch notes to be posted soon).

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