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Dungoen 11, Circus of Terror opened automatically

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    Dungoen 11, Circus of Terror opened automatically

    Account: Kyoshiro,
    Platform: Win10 64 bit, Firefox 54.0.1, HTML5
    Description: on September 25nd 2017, I beat enemy 10 in the Twister in the Shadow World (I lost less than 10% HP if it matters) and right after that, Dungeon 11 (normal world) opened, I didn't even start fighting Dungeon 10, since I am still level 138.

    What's your platform? (browser, Android, iOS, Steam)

    It sometimes happens but we can't close the dungeon again. Regard it as some kind of secret door you found.

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      Hi Leander,
      yes, the browser version of Firefox 54.0.1. Windows 10 64 bit.
      I am happy I have a dungeon I can use before I am able to, though I don't have any advantages, as the last enemy in dungeon 10 is weaker than the 1st of dungeon 11, so, I won't even bother fighting something lvl 255 as a lvl 138 scout ^^

      P.S. I would assume when I beat enemy 10 of the Twister, the game might have though I beat enemy 10 in dungeon 10, that might be the cause, as I read dungeon 11 opens when one beats enemy 10.
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