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JUST A COMMENT ON goblin, trolls, keeper.

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    JUST A COMMENT ON goblin, trolls, keeper.

    The levels are interesting as they ALMOSt cost the same, no matter the creature..

    Its not that the First 2 will kill A FEW people.. its that the LAST one destroys people..For the SAME costs..

    Where Am I going to Throw my money?? the KEEPER..then I might throw abit at the others..ONCE the keeper gets abit Over priced, or to weak to deal with it..

    The first 2..MIGHT do 1/2 the damage..but I think its allot less..

    Increase Them, or lower the cost of making TONS of Goblins..worth the money..

    Thank you for your feedback! Yes, most players focus on the keeper at the moment. Let's see if units will be rebalanced in a future patch.
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      Still think its funny that a person has to subscribe the post, THEY posted.. in the forums.

      Torture chamber
      is very interesting..
      but is the Amount of sould really restricted??
      Could I open the front door WIDE open and NOT get the most of my kills?

      Could be used as Bonus.. And give us Specific points per level we kill..
      Just asking..
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