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w17 is again shut down for too long time

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    w17 is again shut down for too long time

    Happy new years, guys.
    The W17 is just online now.(once down again for at least 14 hours today)
    But w17's mails and friend list are all gone.
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    Yes, we cannot log in again.


      Originally posted by Detonator View Post
      Happy new years, guys.
      But today w17 was already 7 hours down. Yesterday w17 just had disastrous downtime.
      Why is w17 so crappy these days?
      I posted a response in my other post re W17. Same issue for me today - Unable to login for 7/8 hours!

      Even when I can login, there have been regular disconnects over the last few months, a number of times a day, ONLY on W17. All other servers are fine.

      I did send in a support message a few days ago, when I was first unable to login. However as the service eventually resumed, understandably I did not get a reply.

      Please sort out all the regular issues with this server...

      All the best,


      EDIT:- Still unable to login after 12 hours!
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        Come on guys! It's already late afternoon...


          W 17 INT is running again.


            Unfortunately, we had some severe hardware issues. At the moment we are checking them and will come up with a solution as soon as possible.
            Sorry for the inconvenience!

            EDIT We sent 15 as compensation!
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