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Mount and Energy Issues

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  • bobo baggins
    At level 19 quests are shorter then they are at say level 60. from what I am seeing things look ok from a mount perspective. as for thirst refilling as I don't know what the server time was when you took the screenshot I cant tell you if there was a problem or not.

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  • Leander
    The server W22 resets at midnight, CET.

    A mount does not shorten the duration of the current quests in the tavern. It becomes active AFTER finishing one of them.


    1) Three quests shown.
    2) You buy a mount.
    3) The three quests do NOT change.
    4) Complete one of them.
    5) The mount becomes active and all quests are shortened.

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  • MorganaBlue
    The mount does not work. I paid mushrooms to refill my energy because it didn't reset. I want to play this game but then again, not like this.

    Thank you for your kind reply. I'm resigned to my sad fate.

    Have a nice weekend.
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  • LaV
    Early on in the game quests are shorter. After a while you will reach the regular quest durations: 10/7.5/5/2.5 min with a 50% mount.

    So your mount probably works, your character is just growing in level and thus getting big-boy-quests.

    Regarding the energy refill:
    Your thirst for adventure refills back to 100 at midnight every day, not when you sleep IRL.
    You even stated that you played for 90 minutes after the event began. I am assuming that's when you spent your thirst for adventure for the day.

    Regarding your strength potion:
    Hover your mouse over your strength value to see what it does. For all we can see from the screenshot it works fine: The Strength value is in a different shade of blue and you have the strength-potion active next to your other potions.
    Maybe your strength value is too low to have a noticable effect. After all its only a 10% potion and you have a total or 120 strength, so the potion should give you ~10 strength.

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  • MorganaBlue
    started a topic Mount and Energy Issues

    Mount and Energy Issues

    User: MorganaBlue
    Server: W22
    Browsers: Chrome, IE, Pale Moon, Edge, Opera all with Flash/browsers up to date and caches cleaned - the issue is on all of them both in the HTML5 and Flash versions of the game
    OS: Windows 10 on PC

    I have two pressing issues that need solving, please.

    The first is the 50% mount for which I paid and extended (mushrooms =real money). The issue is that not only does it not reduce by 50% the missions, in some missions it even increases the time/energy necessary. I already contacted support about it. Screenshot available:

    The second is that my energy has not been refilled. I live in Italy, the exact same time zone as Germany. It is 11am. Where is my energy refill? I want to play. Same screenshot as above.

    Help please!!! Thank you very much!

    Edited to add: I also have a strength booster which I purchased and which doesn't work:

    Edited again to add that despite having played well over 90 minutes last night when the mushroom event began and a little this morning paying for energy refills because the game did not refill my energy at reset (see above), I have only received one mushroom despite having done many missions between yesterday and today.

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