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[Bug] Hidden Fortress Defenders

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  • Valkyra
    Please send a support ticket from the game and include your account name, server you are playing, your platform (browser, Steam, Android app, iOS app) and a screenshot if possible.

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  • Joseph Lithius
    Guest started a topic [Bug] Hidden Fortress Defenders

    [Bug] Hidden Fortress Defenders

    This is a really annoying bug (?), that I'm experiencing.

    Every once-in-a-while, when I attack another player's fortress, it won't display their defending forces (Archers and Mages). My "council" (the little smiley-face, in the lower-right corner) tells me that I can win the attack, too, but when I actually initiate the attack, I get steamrolled by an unlisted throng of mages or archers – sometimes, both. I would be fine with wasting troops on attacks that my council tells me I can't win… but, I really do not like getting wiped-out by defenders that I don't even know exist!

    If this isn't a bug, "hidden defenders" really needs to be documented, somewhere. And, if it is a bug, I'm surprised it hasn't been reported.
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