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    Hello! For a long time already wished to write to you about bugs of a game mail box but as that all time forgot to make it ..
    The fact is that for a couple of months the game mailbox is not always highlighted when you receive the letter. I have my own guild in the game and this bug as you understand does not make life easier for me). often a player wishing to join the guild writes a letter asking to join and then apparently waits for him to wink his mailbox. but this does not happen. in the guild stands idle place; this player is listed for a day or two to the invited but does not answer .. you understand what I mean?
    There is one more problem with communication: the inability to reach the player whose mailbox is full. I twice saw the same situation, the player was absent from the game for a long time but decided to return. While he was absent, he was not in the guild or was kicked out of it - it does not matter. but during this time he received a huge number of invitations and letters. he, after returning to the game, wants to join the guild and writes a letter. but he can not even answer or even send an invitation! The player tramples in perplexity for a week or two and again throws the game.
    I can not say with absolute certainty, but I got the impression that sometimes a mail box stops receiving emails even before their number reaches 100.
    This explains the strange behavior of those players, because they are hardly all so stupid as to send letters and at the same time do not look into your own mail box at all!

    Summarizing all of what I have said, I would like to ask you to fix the mailbox. and it would be great if there was an opportunity to at least send a signal (the locomotive whistle would quite work ) to the player whose mailbox is full. or let its mailbox flashing continuously without the ability to disable this blinking in a different way than to partially clean the mailbox. (for example, as the "guild" button flashes an hour before the new game day, inviting to use the guild portal that at that time is impossible )

    Thanks for your feedback! S&F Remastered will be improved.
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