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    Typos and mistakes

    I collected a whole bunch of mistakes in the English version of Shakes and Fidget and decided to post them here.

    Some Achievements have differently formulated descriptions:

    Next, some sentences without commata after the if-clauses:
    Mouseover for the arena:

    Mouseover for the quests:

    Text under the attack button of the guild:

    Popup when you are accepting a quest with a full inventory:

    Moreover, there is a mistake in the text for the XP event:

    There has to be a comma after according to prophecy

    And another one in a daily quest:

    from what I see all look ok except the last one.
    have fun, fight hard, die honorably


      "Otther" already fixed (has to go live though). I have no clue what you are talking about in your other examples. Reach? Visit? Spin? What's wrong about them? The descriptions describe what you have to do to unlock an achievement.

      PS I understand what you mean now. However, we cannot use the same wording for all descriptions as the text field is not big enough. By the way, the German version uses the same descriptions (some "Do this and that", some "25 straight quests in the Time Machine" instead of "Store 25 straight quests..."
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