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    Bug and complaints

    Visual bug: when hovering my mouse over the weapon of a player, the pop-up related to that item is shown in the hall of fame box. PrintScreen:


    1. I liked a lot when you drank a pot and that stat was shown on a more clearly color. For example, if you have a strenght potion, your character's strength value was shown blue. On the new version, that doesn't happen (you can see in the previous printscreen).

    2. When hovering my mouse over my stats, the boxes shown are not very clear due to the background/box opacity. It can be a bit confusing. I'd suggest to implement a darker ton in the box, as it is in the old version. PrintScreen:

    Update on the potion colors: would like to ask PG to change the strength color, because thereĀ“s almost no difference between the color from strenght potion, and the blue from every other stats.