If I'm not mistaken, the 'Equipment' values refers to the stats from the items, its gems and bonus from the blacksmith.

I'm coming across some odd values in w27, particular with battlemages. Many of them are almost 1000 points in their main stat (strenght), ahead of me (EQUIPMENT ONLY!!!)

For example, the player 'glubsch' has 9343 strenght points, with:

-1499 base stat
-1869 temporary (potion) stat
-5447 equipment stat
-528 pet stat

However, when I add each value from his equipments (stats from his items, his strength gems and his blacksmith bonuses), it only gives me 4704 points (less than 700 points of the displayed value!!) I've been told that battlemages has a secret 'bonus': is this true? And if so, can you make it not-secret?