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    Daily Missions

    Hello, there should be some condition checking about daily missions, it's not fair to get daily mission that you can't complete.

    For example right now, my daily missions is to mine a gem, but my gem mine is upgrading next 13 days so it shouldn't give me this type of mission.

    Also if you don't have epic item in your free item slots, it shouldn't give you mission to throw one in toilet.

    It's nothing hard to implement I think, and player would appreciate that.

    I agree with you on missions that one can't complete. Some missions are very annoying also, e.g. to win against the gambler 5 times can be a boring, time consuming thing, for the subject of a daily quest 1-3 times is more than enough.

    The quest that wants you to throw an epic to the toilet that you mentioned is actually not that much a problem I think. You can do it fast and it's never impossible theoretically, also sometimes only for shroomers and even for them it's not very recommendable, if they have to get an epic outside of the event. But if you know that this quest can occure you can just save one or two epics for it.
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      I agree that some missions are more difficult than others but diversity is important.
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        Originally posted by Leander View Post
        I agree that some missions are more difficult than others but diversity is important.
        I don't think you get my point. I like there is a diversity in missions and I would like to have all of them. Just it shouldn't give me mission for the day, that i can't actuallty complete that day. Like mining a gem when you are upgrading your mine for next 13 days.


          yeah and now you said it, a mission, what you cannot complete. I have no epic and none in the store, so i can't throw any epic item into toilet - so not this quest. i have less than one gold, so quest for the gambler is out. No just keep it as it is.

          Because if you upgrade your fortress and could also upgrade your HoK, you can't ... you have to let something out ... until you can achieve it again. same here with the mission.

          You can achieve it, just spend a whole lot of shrooms and done, mission completed.
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