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city guard was reset

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    city guard was reset

    when i logged in this morning, the city guard was reset, and there was no payment.

    when i logged out last night, i am sure i had set the city guard to work untill about 9:30ish, and when i logged on this morning around that time, it wasnt on, or had been on.. since no payment was there either.

    i always check if its on like described, switch to the tavern pane, and after that even chatted abit on the guild pane..

    i have had this a couple of times, and i thought it was because of the server resetting or something, but a guildy told me this morning that his had worked fine.. so i would like to know what i can do to not have this happen to me that much.. i dont think im doing anything wrong.

    im using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12, with flash player (10.1 r102)

    It can happen in rare cases that the City Guard didn't work due to server problems. It's very rare though...I had two cases in a year myself on the German server 3.
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