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city guard was reset

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  • Leander
    It can happen in rare cases that the City Guard didn't work due to server problems. It's very rare though...I had two cases in a year myself on the German server 3.

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  • TomyGuns
    started a topic city guard was reset

    city guard was reset

    when i logged in this morning, the city guard was reset, and there was no payment.

    when i logged out last night, i am sure i had set the city guard to work untill about 9:30ish, and when i logged on this morning around that time, it wasnt on, or had been on.. since no payment was there either.

    i always check if its on like described, switch to the tavern pane, and after that even chatted abit on the guild pane..

    i have had this a couple of times, and i thought it was because of the server resetting or something, but a guildy told me this morning that his had worked fine.. so i would like to know what i can do to not have this happen to me that much.. i dont think im doing anything wrong.

    im using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12, with flash player (10.1 r102)