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    changes of days


    Well it would have been some eventful days.
    It all began by a : "and suddenly pet appeared !", no warning and in the middle of the day.
    then the no breaks anymore surprise ( even if t has been some whispering ), I was on a "keep dungeon" strategy , I had to spent a lot of mushrooms to obtain shadow keys then pass the opponent.
    Due to a limited space in stash I manage to throw off stuff a lot and even gems that I would have kept for next WE.

    And then today new rules again for fruit lot of space but no more items

    I wish that there is no misunderstanding , I like all the changes that were brought these past days and I greatfully thanks Playa team for those...
    but I ( and probably not the only ) as a very invested player on the W1 would have appreciate the annoucement of all this few days before as we used to be.

    thanks again for the great new content