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Fall Pets start Sept 1st!

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    Fall Pets start Sept 1st!

    Fall pets start on September 1st.

    Here are your SUMMER pets – make sure to get them before the end of the month.

    SHADOW #7 – Shrimpfly. Evernight Forest/Wood – DAY
    LIGHT #7 – Djinntonic. Sunburn Desert – DAY
    EARTH #6 – Muscudon. Tusk Mountain – DAY
    FIRE #12 – Birblazey. Black Forest – DAY
    WATER #13 – Mingho. Sprawling Jungle - DAY

    **I sent this out to my guilds and wanted to share here as well.
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    Thanks! Always useful


      I am about to send this to my guild too and i am sorry, but you have made a mistake here:

      Water#12 Shellzy Erogenion Night

      is the water pet that can be found in fall. Mingho is a summer pet.

      Edit: My bad. I have just read it thouroughly and realized my mistake. Mea culpa

      Edit#2: After my false accusations, let me save you the time and post the pets that can be found in fall:

      Sha#7 Mycon: Northrunt, DAY
      Li#8 Blaxta: Flooded Caldwell DAY
      Ea#6 Apstick Black Water Swamp DAY
      Fi#6 Pyroplant Moldy Forest NIGHT
      Wa#12 Shellzy Erogenion NIGHT
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        Unfortunately you made some mistakes Bayaz.
        Here are the correct pets that can be found all fall:

        W12 Shellzy, Erogenion, Night
        L8 Blaxta, Flooded Caldwell, Day
        E7 Apstick, Black Water Swamp, Day
        S10 Mykon, Moldy Forest, Day
        F6 Pyroplant, Moldy Forest, Night
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