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    Guild Attacks - Question

    W9 - Guild "LegionOfDoom"

    So, every day for the last week or more we have been attacked by the same guild, LegionsOfDoom...

    Apart from the fact that it is boring seeing the same players day in day out, are there any penalties for always picking on the same guild to attack? Or not picking on a guild that's close to your own in strength?

    (they are position 115, we are 250-ish)...

    Just asking

    It's quite common to find a guild that's easy to beat and "farm" them by attacking all the time. Same happens for players, for better or for worse.
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      Ranking doesn't matter for the most part it is honor the farther they r below u the bigger the difference the less honor they get. the least they can get is 20 honor. After a certain point they wont be able to attack and I don't recall the parameters that triggers that I want to say difference in ranking but might also include honor as well.

      well as for it being boring if that's the case don't get to ranks 1-10 you will being seeing the same ppl everyday. defending against the same ppl and attacking the same ppl with very little change.
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