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Mage Corps UK did the Hattrick

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    Mage Corps UK did the Hattrick

    less than 48 hours... only one goal >>> Raid 48 + Raid 49 + Raid 50
    Congratulations to the brave mages and to our fiercefull leader miss Julls aka merlination.

    Long live Mage Corps: The most successful one class guild in S and F history !
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      Mage corps the only way to fly

      A big wonderful congrats to all of our lovely mages who have fought the good fight. Its has been a hard slog getting our dungeons done as we have been handicapped with having only one class. We after a long time and numerous updates and a little push did it!!!!! Special thanks to all those who signed on and fought the good fight. Just further proof that if you believe it can be done and d that mages are still without a doubt the best class of all.

      Now we just need playa to come up with something else for us to do with our guild dosh.

      Special thanks to Val and Tasso for bringing down the last bosses.

      merlin -
      mage corps the only way to fly


        That's amazing!

        Congrats you and all of your mages!
        Women are angels, and when someone breaks our wings, we continue to fly ... ON A BROOMSTICK ... because we are flexible like that.


          Well done!
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