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Pets, Fortress, World Records !

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    Pets, Fortress, World Records !

    These world records were done without buying any mushrooms ! Free to play!
    First one is in PETS:
    Being first in pets for lot of months, and with over more than 1000 fame than anyone else. You can see on level of my pets that i am no shroomer.
    Second one is in FORTRESS:
    Best across all servers when it comes to level of buildings in fortress without buying any mushrooms to speed up the process:
    Fortress level 20, academy level 20, gem mine level 20, treasure level 15, wood and mine level 20, fortification level 15, smithy level 17, archer level 12, barracks level 11, mages tower level 10, laborers quarters level 15

    Also, being at position 89 in HOF without caring about playing arena - not a world record, as there are pretty much no lucky coins for people for mah country.

    Got inspired by other " world records " : p
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    Awesome, well done!
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