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Summer Update & S&F Remastered Part 2

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  • Leander
    Remastered Part 2 just means the second (new) part of the discussion thread as I closed the old one (guild update & remastered).

    No, it is just the old increase.

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  • Bortas
    Just a question about gold mine. You announced increased gold produce 2 weeks ago. Is it gonna be increased again or you just inform about the recent increase once more?

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  • Apollo
    Not exactly new content but is always good to receive small improvements besides bug fixes

    What about the s&f remastered part 2?

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  • Leander
    started a topic Summer Update & S&F Remastered Part 2

    Summer Update & S&F Remastered Part 2

    Hello heroes!

    Here's the list of changes and fixes for our new SUMMER UPDATE!

    * new daily missions (level 10 required): look for a wanted poster in the tavern
    * new item: quicksand glass 10-pack
    * gold mine produces twice as much gold now
    * warriors, scouts and mages get a twice as high bonus for gems in weapons now (to compensate for the assassin's extra gem in the second weapon)
    * fixed a rare problem that didn't let you watch certain guild fights
    * group fights no longer show anything that reveals the outcome of the next fight
    * fortress attacks: fixed a display bug of expectable gains
    * the top players in a server now gain full honor and souls for fortress and underworld fights
    * now deleted players disappear from friend lists after 24 hours at the latest
    * player levels in friend list are refreshed once a day now
    * special characters for new players and guilds no longer work
    * new loading screen for all apps

    The update will go live on today (16 CEST) and all other worlds will follow in the course of the next days!

    New Daily Missions, wanted poster:


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