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    Question about armor

    I am a scout and my max damage reduction from an equal leveled enemy can reach up to 25%. In order to reach that 25%, i must get a certain amount of armor.... lets suppose 5.000 armor.... My question is what happens when i duel higher leveled enemies? For example, I duel a dungeon monster which is 350+ or something like that. What damage reduction do I have against him? Is it possible for me to reduce the damage he does to me if for example i reach 6.000 armor? (even if the amount needed to reach max for my level is 5.000)

    I hope I am understood, I know that English is not my strongest point....
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    If a dungeon monster attacks you with strength and has 5000 strength for example, your strength rating is subtracted, e.g. 5000 - 1000 = 4000. So 4000 strength is left which is used for a calculation with the monsterĀ“s weapon.

    From the total damge 25% are subtracted no matter how strong the monster is. The armor is only related to your level. If you are level 50 and have an armor of 1000 (and have the full reduction of 25%), 1000 armor is not enough anymore when you have reached level 60 for example. The higher your level is, the more armor you need in order to keep the 25% reduction.

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