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lost password and some problems

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    lost password and some problems

    Hi all,

    i have some problems about my account. When i login my account i saw that some of my items lost 6-8 times in last 2 months. I also loose a lot of mushrooms during this time. for example when i push skip button during fight on the mission i lost mushroom (Not on the countdown). i decide to report those problems as a bug on forum but i read about how to report bug section i realized i didnt notice when they occure.

    I suspect that may my account hacked by someone. Then i change my password several times and finally i forget my password. Could administrator send a new password to my confirmed e mail?

    Today i have diffrent experience about a kind of bug i think. I startet a mission on tavern. It was 3:30 minutes mission. Then i afk about 10 minutes. When i returned this mision was over and my character start an another mission (10:30 mission) without me ) .

    Can anyone help me? Those things going to be annoying.

    Some technical details may help administrative stuff:
    I am using latest version of firefox and flash player. I clean my cookies and other things often when problems started.

    And my user name is landslide )
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