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    Quest monsters....

    I have noticed ever since Oktomberfest started and up to now, that there are occasions where quest monsters appear with similar stats to mine. The result is me losing 2-3 quests every day to these monsters simply because scout vs scout is a bit luck based too (if the two participants have similar stats) considering the monster might get lucky and dodge A LOT. Is this intended? Cause i am pretty sure that mages who 1 shoot monsters dont have to deal with this issue....

    I didn't have to deal with that issue up to now either considering the fact that quest monsters were easy to one shoot even without potions for me too... But now they seem to be a LOT stronger (meaning they might get lucky, dodge a few more hits than me and beat me)

    If that is the case, then that means that mages have gained an unfair advantage against scouts and possibly warriors too.
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    No, the monsters haven't changed since Oktoberfest. They are still as strong or weak as before.

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