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Tutorial on the "Toilet" of Gods Sacred

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    Tutorial on the "Toilet" of Gods Sacred

    Well, like many people, not just my guild, but in general, you're wondering about the Health of Gods Sacred introduced in the last update, I decided to create this tutorial to make life easier for you.

    1) Location: many ask where is the location of the "toilet", "where should I click to see?"

    I think now it is clear where you should click ..

    2) The key, as stated by Team SF, can be found from the 100 level. So far I can say that it comes in missions, not sure if you can see at the shops.

    3) Now that you have the key, go to the tavern (as in picture 1) and click where indicated. Then you will see the picture of the toilet:

    The toilet has three divisions:

    3.1) The tank of mana

    3.2) of the toilet cover

    3.3) And finally, what I call "mouth" or simply the storage of items

    4) Now comes the practical part, ie, "just throw that item in there!"

    By depositing the item (1 ONCE A DAY!), You will realize that the tank will fill up the manna, a certain amount!

    When installing the last item so that the toilet is full, it will be like in the picture:

    5) Now, you must tighten the string:

    By doing this, you will notice that the item (which can be NORMAL or EPIC) emerge from the toilet along with some light effects (it would be the gratitude of the Gods?). But more interesting is that the level of their private Aura will increase, and if ENCHERES it again, you will have a greater chance to get epics.

    1 - Increase the level of the Aura
    2 - Item received from private (yes, I'm unlucky)

    -------- X ------------------ x ------------------ x --- --------------- x -------------

    EDIT: The mana should be complete so that you can receive the rewards.
    EDIT.2: You can play, too, potions sold in stores within the health, HOWEVER, to fill up very little mana, the higher the value of the item, the more it will fill the week. So do not throw potions in the "toilet"!
    EDIT.3: Amendment of section 3 of the image.
    EDIT.4: Addition of Section 5, and remove and add some pictures, unfortunately I'm limited to a number of 10 images per post. So I had to take some pictures.

    -------- X ------------------ x ------------------ x --- --------------- x -------------

    Basically that's it, I have helped and I apologize for the size of the topic. o /

    PS: The images are my own.

    The photographs are from PT Server

    I hope that you like the thread
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    Yeah it is good for the players wich dont understand
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      Its really good
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        tnx just kidding... but also a picture of the toilet so people can see what you mean..
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