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Off-topic forums per language please

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    Off-topic forums per language please

    I guess we gotta have to live with the forum merger, but at least give us (per language here) a forum (off-topic would be perfect) that is dutch-only, swedish-only, etc.

    It would allow us to talk our OWN language in peace (as we did on our own seperate forums), and not everyone speaks english anyway, so we probably need such forums too

    And in addition some of those topics can be translated (not by myself, thanks for the offer) for the international community. Maybe not the integral tread but a summary.
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      No remarks on the war please.

      You can talk in Dutch in the guild tavern of each server. "Alliances, mergers, small talk, meet & greet".

      But if you prefer a Dutch offtopic thread I could also create one.
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