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    i did not idea


      Sell some of your keys, upgrade your stats with the gold.


        Originally posted by David Zhou View Post
        I like this idea a lot, now final question, if all of my friends are aiming for me to become the server's number 1, would it be a better idea for me to sell the keys 7-10 times? or just maybe 2-3? or none at all so I personally can capitalize on EXP gain? Cause our guild's gold is to throw me to the top primarily.
        If your goal is to be the nr 1 donating the most to your guild is the safest way to capture that goal.
        Some numbers so you get the idea...
        4 months into the game your main stat will cost about 500.000 gold to upgrade.
        The cost for all bonuses and fortress to reach max is about 560k...

        NO member stays behind by donating gold to his guild!!
        25.000 gold is like 0.0000000000000000000000000000000.....000001% of your income later on...
        Don't worry about your toon.... Focus on upgrading the bonuses ASAP! And your toon's progress will come naturally..

        As i said above the only thing you need to worry is keeping enough gold to buy equipment and potions early on so you dont loose quests. But as i said that should be only about 30% or so of your daily income. (excluding keys)
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