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    Damage reduction help

    can someone explain me how dmg reduction work, because I dont get it really.
    I know this:
    - warriors have up tom 50% reduction
    - scouts have up to 25%
    - mages have up tp 10%
    All this is based on their armor.

    OK, we all know this. But how this can happen then:

    Im warrior 305lvl with weapon dmg 844k-951k
    When I hit dungeons or tower I get these numbers in first several rounds: 200k, 650k critt, 350k, 330k......
    If I understan math correct, I cannot do less than 420k in 1st round for normal hit?! Critts can do no less than 844k + 5% from witch!!! Later round can be only more than this!
    Im getting numbers that are less than 25% from my hit!!!! How???

    Also important is: my str is 10500, and tower opponent (eastern bunny lvl 82) has 10761, so almost exact. I cannot suffer much reduction from that also.


      Please ignore the value listed on your profile. It is a value that holds if no other penalties are present.

      Here's the math:

      Your "effective strength" is what counts. It equals Your Strength minus Opponent's Strength/2
      The fact that your dungeon opponent has such high strength matters - a lot. Effectively, your strength is less than half of what you expect it to be, which also explains the seemingly low damage you do.

      For each hit, the damage is calculated by Effective Strength times Weapon damage, which is a random number out of the range of your weapon. E.g. if your weapon is 600-800 anywhere in this range.

      That value is then reduced by the percentage the armour gives. I believe dungeon enemies have such high armor that it always amounts to the max percentage, e.g. 50% for a fighter.

      (by the way, take into account that the value that is listed on your profile is valid when fighting against an opponent of your current level. If you fight someone with much higher level such as in a dungeon, your defence may actually be lower)

      The damage after the reduction is taken into account is doubled in case of a critical hit, plus indeed the effect of the witch scroll.
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        OK, lets go from start.
        My str is 10500, enemy has 10760.
        So my "effective strength" is 10500 - 10760/2 = 10500 - 5380 = 5120
        my weapon dmg is 724-816 (av.770) times str = 370k-418k
        + demon bonus 12% = 414k-468k
        - shield absorption (lets guess 50%) = 207k-234k

        Hm...close on what I got. Still I had few hits beneath 207k as minimum dmg.
        Do you know formula for dmg progression as rounds go up??? How much you gain each raound on this "raw" damage??


          First question: did you have the 14% bonus at that time?

          Then, regarding damage progression:
          I believe 40% is added every round. This can be in 2 ways, and I'not sure which of the 2 is used:

          Option 1: Round 2, damage is multiplied by 1.4; round 3, multiplied by 1.8 and so on
          Option 2: Round 2, damage is multiplied by 1.4, round 3 by 1.4*1.4 = 1.96, and so on.

          I think it's the first option though.

          It may be, but this is highly hypothetical, that for the player that starts the combat, damage on the first and subsequent rounds is diminished a bit. Let's say he starts with 0.8, which increases to 1.2 and so on. To avoid that "starting the fight means winning the fight"

          I have seen this somewhere but can't remember where, and am not sure about the reliability.
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            First answer: Yes, I had this bonus - 12% in time of battles I mention.

            As for formula, to me also 1st is seem more logic thing to apply.
            I will try to follow it and run few tests. When I battle top mages, their damage is unreal!!!
            Especial their critts!

            As for 0.8 for player who start fight, it seems that he is punished he starts 1st. So, if that is truth, I will remove my witch reaction enchantment!


              You're in any case not punished for starting first. The advantage of starting first is just a bit reduced *if it is reduced at all*. The odds are still in favour of the person who deals the first blow in any round.

              That mages deal so much damage is part of the game. They also have very little hitpoints. If you divide your HP by the damage they do and compare it with their HP divided by your damage, you'll find that it's pretty well balanced. *On average* both players need about the same number of hits to knock the opponent out.

              (obviously if you compare players of the same level with roughly the same stats and items)
              Grote letters = kleine leuters
              V for Vendetta