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    Leander has said that it is for the last hour server time so I assume it is permanent.
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      Would be nice to have that confirmed, Leander.

      Is there any reason why for example current NL servers have 24/7 and german servers do not? And why the new W1 is only 1h HH per day, except for the lucky USA players?

      Just curious whats the thinking behind it..


        Yes, some other servers have a 24 hour Happy Hour but others voted against it. The international server only has one from 23-00 CET.

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          In the Dutch servers we just have always "happy hour", a shame that it isn't in this server.

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            Just to let you know. I made a poll about Happy Hour at W1. There you can vote for 1h or 24h Happy Hour. Would be great if many people partake.



              I always thought that using shrooms to skip quests was a total waist....
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                I agree, to a point. I rarely do it myself, but there have been times at the end of the day, when there is just not enough time to finish the thirst. Say it's gold or exp weekend, you hate to lose that extra you can get, so you skip a few quests so you have time to finish the rest.

                Mostly, I try to make sure I get it done way before reset, but there have been times when I have needed to skip in order to finish.
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                  Happy hour is good for peeps who were too busy the whole day to play for 320 minutes. Its good, and i believe it should be open every hour in every server
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