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Witch's Cauldron on W1

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    Witch's Cauldron on W1

    Does anyone else find that the cauldron is filling VERY, VERY slowly on W1?

    I've been all over all the forums (not just the US and INT forums) looking for what the percentage is for each item that is put in the cauldron, and can't find a specific answer.

    Yes, I've seen the .006% for each item, but that was when it first came out. Then I remember when we were doing the witch before that for each item that was donated to the cauldron, the percentage would go up.

    I've been watching the last 3 days, and it's going up less than one percent a day on W1.

    "Back in the day" even the least active US servers were getting about 2% a day.

    Does anyone actually have a PERCENTAGE that each item is worth?
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    Isn't the problem more likely to be the relative lack of players at level 66 or higher compared with other servers when the witch was first introduced?


      The percentage one dropped item to the cauldron spends is indirect
      propotional to the number of active players. (Playa knows what exactly active means)
      Much active player result direct in more items to be dropped to raise the percentage.
      This was chosen not to create disadvantages on any less active server

      Two reasons for the slow raising:
      1) like maharg said: a lot of active player but compared to the total sum not so many above LV66
      2) this from my point of view the more important thing:
      bying items only for sacrificing them is at the current accounts level very costy.

      So I assume most of the players do sacrifice items only if they are quest items.
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        Thanks for your replies.

        I'm just having a hard time with the fact that there are between 1300 and 1500 people who currently have the ability to donate to the cauldron.

        Even if only 1% of them are donating one item a day - in a week, the cauldron has went up 3.4%.

        I'm having issues with the fact that two days ago, I donated five items in one day (from the quests, mind you, and I'm fully aware that is a rarity), and only two of the items registered as being put into the cauldron: the first and the third. Especially since it's been previously stated that the more items you put into the cauldron, each subsequent item is supposed to be worth more.

        Math has never been my favorite thing. Maybe my brain just can't wrap around how the numbers for the cauldron work. Or, maybe, it doesn't work the same way since the update as it used to, hence my question on what the items are actually worth.
        Women are angels, and when someone breaks our wings, we continue to fly ... ON A BROOMSTICK ... because we are flexible like that.