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    Originally posted by slasker View Post
    Well - i am looking forward to see what you can use wood and stone for, once all buildings are at level 15... It cant just be for building up the army - or can it?
    You have to use them also (or better: only, in terms of pg game) for gems


      Originally posted by Arrow View Post
      You have to use them also (or better: only, in terms of pg game) for gems
      Yeah, you are right. I wonder what the ratio is, in terms of woodcutters hut wood production/hour vs gem wood consumption/hour.

      It has to be comparable, or even lower production than consumption I suppose?


        Originally posted by Leander View Post
        The exact mechanics are secret. I don't know if it is honor or upgrades or something in between. However, if it is about honor only and you get easy targets in the beginning you will have to attack players with upgraded buildings later on...assuming that other players do build defenses...and if you only have soldiers you don't stand a chance against fortifications, archers and mages.
        Not if you don't upgrade much. (only fortres, barracks and nothing else) You keep easy targets and can't lose honor, only gain honor.
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