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how much time between fortress attacks

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  • Scope
    Originally posted by Bqczek View Post
    8 hour safe period only protect your storage, any materials on field (woodcutter and quarry) can still be taken by attacker.

    so basically the quary and wood can be attacked " 24/7 "?
    that would be strange cause then i would have seen many more attacks, this happens in server 2 dutch world,
    scope is on server 1 but since this was my 1st game i signed up in forum under scope, but the post is about server 2.

    another strange thing: usually its the same people attacking, thats weird cause you have to click through the available 'targets' after 5 minutes is free to continue or else pay 1 mushroom.
    So either they wait very long, just to see me coming up (i doubt that)
    or spend tons of mushrooms , which i also doubt cause that would be to expensive and a total waste.

    So far there's a player that came first to attack the fort, thats okay, but then 2 to 4 hours later (thats not 8 hours) another player came to steal from the undefended fortress cause the defender were destroyed.
    that was on 25th of november and on 27th that same person visited again shortly followed by another player, so thats 2 times, first that player and then another, and today again that player and another, thats no coiincidence.
    13th november it started with the first 2 player attacking close after another less then 2 hours, thats cant be a coincedence.
    All the previous attacks had may hours between them.

    anyway, i am just hoping all people play by the rules, and are not circumventing or using bugs, i been around playing for years in many browsergames and theres always a bug, thats unavoidable
    but rules usally clearly state that if and when someone abuses that, the person will get his butt kicked.

    I been playing dutch ogame for many years (also from a german company)
    and another game from these people aswell, and if and when abuse is there , they got kicked.

    i always play fair, and i really hate bugabusers and botters, it would be sad if there would be some people attacking me by means of 'cheating'
    Its okay to attack , thats what games are for, but by the book and not by cheating or abusing bugs.
    Thats against the rules and also a little bit childish, to cheat.

    finally i also heard about fortresses that never seem to have a lot of resources on them, regardless if its day or night, its impossible to play 24/7 just to click your resources to add them to the fortress, so thats another weird thing.
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  • Bqczek
    8 hour safe period only protect your storage, any materials on field (woodcutter and quarry) can still be taken by attacker.

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  • Scope
    started a topic how much time between fortress attacks

    how much time between fortress attacks

    hi, i noticed that the time between fortress attacks were long, but now i saw 2 attcks withinh 2 tot 3 hours

    i read alot about 8 hours before a fort could be attacked again, and something that the wood and stone storage could be attcked more.

    If the 8 hours or whatever long period it was, has been decreased, can someone give me the official link to that topic.

    If the time between an attack on a fortress is still 8 hours then i guess tehres abug, allowing a players to attacks 1 times within that 8 hours, and also another player within the 8 hour.

    funny thing is it was from the same clan.