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    Sorry for being ignorant but I didn't understand what is HTML5 and it's benefits.

    It is the core of any online program or game the old way of doing so was Flash which was great for its time but over the years became more and more unstable. HTML5 will be replacing Flash as google and other major browsers and search engines have dropped or will be dropping Flash soon.

    What this will do for S+F it should cut down the crashes and other buggy issues caused by Flash and hopefully will cut some of the lag when playing multiple servers and or online games.
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      What Bobo said.

      I 'd like to add that HTML5 is a markup language used in web developing. It is basically the way the programer tells the browser what to load, in which order and from where.

      I just added this as to what HTML5 is.
      But for Shakes and Fidget, yeah, what Bobo said.
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