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    Originally posted by GeorgeKen View Post
    lvl 300 is way too low. I changed at 375 to gold and made me the second strongest player in the world. Never regretted it.
    The second strongest ? I don't think so. There are many players with better stats than you.

    PS. On your server are 605 players with pets (active players <=605) :O
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      Originally posted by dfps View Post
      lvl 300 was before the xp update. i think we would take 14 days and now is 7 or less. i agree at 375 or even at 393 when you end the best fase for xp. After that the gains go lower and lower.

      George how many days(+-) you take to lvl up? And how much gold do you make per day (without wheel of fortune)?
      Takes me approx 2 weeks to lvl up with gold quests. The gold varies highly depending on wheel of fortune draws and the size of gems I get. I could get 350mil in a day, i could get 400mil as well. But around those lines
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      Hi, I'm George the Greek!
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