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Main stats. (being w/o weapon)

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    Main stats. (being w/o weapon)

    Hello Guys!

    I had a roughly 2-3 years long break from the game and just recently came back. Got used to the new things already such as fortress and pets, but 1-2 things made me curious and not sure if i'm just remembering things wrong, or smth was changed, would be grateful if you could answer the following questions.

    -Was smth with the main attributes changed in the past years? I mean, back when i used to play, i'm kinda sure main attribute differences mattered alot more than they do now.

    - For example a mage with like 8000 intelligence could barely scratch a mage with 12000 intelligence and so on (or if i went against a dungeon with twice as much main attribute as he had, i could almost full HP it, despite having relatively low HP and luck too cuz of it). Meanwhile nowadays sure the one with 12.000 int hits more, but the difference in dmgs on eachother is nowhere near as big as it used to be at such a huge main attribute difference.

    -Also taking off your weapon in the past immediately reduced your dmg to kinda crappy. Meanwhile now i still raped a kinda decent guy who was only 20-25 lvl lower than i am. (He needed an item of mine for his album, wanted to be kind and deleted my weapon to let him kill me for it, but still raped him.... )

    Mainly curious in the first question. Cuz in the past once i reached the 10m mark at main stat / health, i was mainly going for main stat ever since and barely putting any to HP. But with main stats seemingly matters way less now, guess i will upgrade the HP / Main stats relatively evenly after reaching the 10m cap too at a new server. (or atleast putting more to HP, than i used to be putting which usually stopped at ~3500 health)

    Thx in advance and hopefully i was clear enough
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    Attributes are still the same. Fortress is important (XP from academy) and pets boost your stats too.
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      -there was no change to how you stats work, but the boni from the pets and the damage boost from the guild portal maybe mix some things up.

      -i don't remember which update it was, but the damage you do without a weapon was increased