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    High Level Epic Sources

    Hello to all super high level characters ( 400+ ).

    I have a question - at those levels, you have probably finished the pesky tower, most of the dungeons (probably have half of Easteros left, if that), and a few shadow dungeons.

    So the question is:

    where do you get epics from to replace your gear? Or, to be more exact, where did you get your last couple of epics (that you actually wear) from, and how long ago was that?

    My gut feeling is either from excessive shrooming on an epic weekend, or the toilet, just need some hard facts to back this.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds easy.
    You gain levels super slow when ur over level 400 - and since you gain levels slowly, the difference between old and new gear is not even worth mentioning.

    So i suppose one simply get epics once a half year or a year or whatever - depends on shroomers.

    I ainĀ“t a shroomer, but this sounds logical.
    + ofc from quests.
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      Mine toon is 443. Still doing 2 levels per month.

      Getting the epics from toilet and drop.

      Unsocketed items is the reason why I do not spend during epic weekend. At level 411 I figured that I need to upgrade weapon and spent like 1800 Not going to do that again


        I gain a level every week to 10 days still even though no pets to beat anymore hit wall on easteros, twister and shadow world. tower done which I don't recall earning exp just gold. as for new epics still find then once in awhile during quests and the random one also pops up in shops. but considering that lvling takes as long as it does and the increase not as big compared to the lower lvls. I seldom look for epics during event weekends maybe once every 3-6 months and for same reason as rvm1975 the lack of good epics with sockets making the cost of finding good epics not worth a monthly replacement.
        have fun, fight hard, die honorably


          I am lvl 414. I have stopped using shrooms on epic events as the new items are not all that better than what I already have. Also, they have become too expensive as I only want 3-stat epics WITH gem holes. Finally - it also takes a LONG time to get the right gems to put into the sockets.
          Another aspect is that I am at a full stop on dungeons and whirlwhind, and there is not much competition on my server. So for me, there is no real reason for upgrading my equipment.
          The last couple of epics I have, I found in the shop on non-epic days.