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Did 14th Dungeon / Easteros recieve a nerf?

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    Did 14th Dungeon / Easteros recieve a nerf?

    Hi guys!

    I play on Turkish server but I used to prefer the US forum because it was more active, so now here I am!

    My question is above, I couldnt find any info on the matter but did they nerf the 14th dungeon?? I was unable to get past 10th floor (Joffrey) and on Oktoberfest I cleared the whole dungeon without making ANY progress on Shadow World (I was on 6th level in Shadow World, still no chance against Shadow Oberyn).

    I couldnt find any info about the issue on this forum or on my forum, and tbh I was expecting a nerf because 19th Water pet was by far the hardest to get and as a warrior I do experience a discrimination against my kind in this game...

    So is this actually something or did I just get lucky?

    P.S. I did not do any significant item changes before this mystery.

    When you pass the 10th floor, you always can beat the next ten.

    You can see here the stats:
    No changes since they added this dungeon


      I can see the following 7 is indeed weaker, but I'm still surprised about the last 3 levels.