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Read about update benefiting "uber shroomers"....

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    Read about update benefiting "uber shroomers"....

    I'd read in the chat how the new update would benefit uber shroomers, as was mentioned by BMW, but I would like to know what may be figured or at least considered to benefit and help out newer and/or lower-level players?

    I love how each weekend's a different event, especially the epic event stuff. However, and maybe I'm just thinking of "the little guys" in the game, but I do have to wonder if there's anything in mind either update-wise or event-wise that would specifically benefit and/or show-case interest for the lower-level players and/or new players.

    Why, just as an example, have Epic Events for only those lvl 50+? I know epics can be dropped within the Dungeons if someone's a lowbie player, so why not somehow gear an Epic Weekend event so that it is geared toward those who are below lvl 50?

    Thanks. Would love to see what may be said about this.

    Lady Kendra

    At lower levels, depending on how one would play, the levels go fast.

    I know I started a new server as a test. I hit level 200-something in about 4 months, and that was NOT playing 320 thirst.

    The first 100 levels have the potential to fly right by, so to dedicate an epic weekend to lower levels doesn't seem profitable for anyone.

    Also, the stats that are on the lower level epics, they become useless about 30 seconds after equipping the item.

    One other thing, if you look at the HOF on your server, go to the bottom. Look at the levels of people who have went inactive. Levels 1-50 represent probably 75% of the inactive players on a server. Would they stay if they got epics sooner? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    My 2 cents.
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      More stuff for new player !?!??!!?hooly but thats what 100% updates do. When i started playing maybe it toke 3 years to reach lvl in 6 months you reach 350 wtf (and 2 weeks lvl 200)
      We need is something exclusive for old players


        With each update comes extra bonuses and features that most benefit lower levels.

        As mentioned previously, you can achieve level 400 MUCH faster than 7-8 years ago (beginning of S&F).

        From a player perspective, this may seem unfair, but think about a few things.

        1. Playa is a "For-Profit" company

        2. The attention span (willingness to play) of a player dies off as the game stagnates

        3. Playa tries to keep a player "busy" for 1-2 years, with the intention of spending shrooms

        4. With the release of the Fortress and any Fortress-like updates, the attention has been moved more toward the ability to spend mushrooms (with the exception of changing Fortress Attack skipping to gold)

        5. This gives an advantage IN THE SHORT TERM to "Uber Shroomers" who are willing to spend thousands of mushrooms.
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          Indeed. Almost every update was available to you no matter what level you were.
          In this Playa is pretty consistent.

          That is why if we would get an update to the Fortress it wouldn't be only moving the cap to level 25. I am pretty certain they would add more buildings. So that every player would have a chance to experience fresh and shiny new stuff right away.


            The update will feature new content, not just an increased level cap of current content.

            I agree that veterans are always in need of new content and that newly created characters have a ton to do. The first 50 levels can be done while eating a sandwich or almost. The epic event is only for levels 50+ because those can find epic items in the shops. Before level 50 you do get epics in dungeons but can't find them in the shops.
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              Besides, why would you like to get an epic event before level 50? You'd have to update your items the day after...



                Thanks, everyone, for your responses. They are very enlightening.


                  SFGame are a pay-to-win game, so yes for almost all updates you goes into content faster/easier when you are a shroomer. And more you can spend in this, faster/easier it will be for you.

                  BUT SFGame are too a free-to-play game, you can acces the FULL GAME without spending any shroom.

                  And that's why I love SFGame. It's not like a lot of MMO who tell themselves F2P but if you want to play in end-game content you NEED to pay. ****ing liars...
                  Of course, same with games that tell themselves F2P but in reality block most content for people who don't pay.
                  Same too with "F2P" games that work on the frustration of the player to force them paying... Of course it exist and are a lot used don't be naive...

                  So as always, if we talk about underworld it will be the same as talking about other updates: yes if you are shroomer it's easier/faster for you, still everyone can go through without gameplay problems.

                  All we need is a bug fixed update after testing... That I never seen even this time. But that's one other debate.

                  So now, if you really ask about mushroom, I will answer:
                  Better have a few and know how to spend them than have how much you want and waste almost all for useless/ephemeral boosts.
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