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Guild disband !!!

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    Guild disband !!!

    Okay so I was trying to find some info what would happen if you disband a guild on US server forum and couldn't find anything(maybe I wasn't looking to hard ). However, I have decided to do it.

    Here are the details:
    first of all I had two members beside me in the guild.
    one of them donated 1 gold and another hasn't donated anything.
    I have donated 1067 gold and one mushroom.

    I have kicked out both members first and then kicked out myself which consequently disbanded the guild.

    The results:
    1)The guild is gone but I will reconstitute it in about four hours when the refresh occurs.
    2) I have lost all of my donation gold and mushroom.
    3) I am not sure whether the member who donated 1 gold has got it back but I would assume that he didn't.

    Curiosity killed the cat!!!!
    I am a big dumbass to do it and I could just ask here in the forum but I just wanted to know it by myself.
    ----The guild will live on though again and the plans are big but not right now It would have to be started from scratch again

    I hope I have provided usefull information to all the players via my sacrife.
    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."
    - Socrates

    Well i think itn says u lose all stuff in manual sorry if im wrong but u just lost ja gold
    Inside the wall is my home filled with and s