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    A problem with the server?

    When i first started S+F, i googled it and came out in the first results. After a while, the community told me that this server existed. It's a better option for me since the times reser GMT+1.

    Things i like (compared to the .us):
    Payment options - awsome..

    Things i dislike..
    Quests. They take ridicilously long and the rewards are misarable..

    You can't even skip the quest time for mushrooms.

    The quests and rewards are the same. They depend on your level and mount.
    Yes, you cannot skip quests here because we're currently testing this feature on the US server only.
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      Thanks for the reply!

      Yet, when i first started on the US server - the quests took a minute or so to complete..
      Here it's about 15-20..
      Even my level 10 on the US still doesen't have quests as long as this.


        Have you purchased a mount on the US server?

        I play on both servers, and I haven't noticed a difference in quest time, mount or no mount. I have also never, ever seen a quest that is one minute in length. The shortest I've seen is a 2:30 quest using a dragon mount that can be purchased for 15 mushrooms.

        The only major "inner workings" difference that I've noticed between this server and the US server is the price for guild upgrades in gold. As an example, to upgrade to an 11 member limit it's 150 gold on the US server, 160 gold here. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying when you're used to the US gold costs.


          That would be another testing feature: quick start for new characters. It came to light here.

          It should slowly escalate to the normal base times: 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes or less, as reduced by mounts. Once it gets there, it'll stop growing.
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            The "quick start" feature is planned to be released in the next update.
            Also the feature, that the droprate for items is "a little bit" higher at the start of the game.

            But: Both features are re-balanced, the US-version is way to fast and you get kind of littered with items. So both features got a little "review" and should fit better in the future

            The skip-button won't be included and is planed to be removed in the US-version

            A (hopefully) complete changelog for the next update will follow


              THANK YOU for removing that stupid button on the US servers. People might claim that doesn't give mushroom-buying players an advantage over non-paying members, but it's a HUGE advantage. And every time I sit there and stare at that stupid button for 14 minutes, I get a little more angry on the inside. Makes me want to stab cute fuzzy things with pencils.