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    Help with class :)

    Hey. I'm coming back to game now and im confused what to play.
    Mage, scout or assassin? Can someone help in point cons and pros of class and which is better for what? Thnks

    Warrior: high constitution, low damage, can block some attacks
    Mage: low constitution, high damage, attacks cannot be blocked or dodged
    Scout: medium constitution, normal damage, can dodge some attacks
    Assassin: medium constitution, normal damage with two weapons, can dodge some attacks
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      If a fight between any two classes drags to infinity they all perform pretty much the same. When talking about PvE I would like to highlight the ability to win through lucky rolls. I would say warrior is the worst at the luck game and more like a steady performer. Scout and assassin have dodge which is the best when it comes to fishing a lucky result as long you fight against any class but mage. Mage is the easyest class to pull out a fight with every roll being favourable concidering the fact that magic attacks can't be blocked or evaded so you are dealing with only crit rolls.

      This info is based on a warrior player who has first hand experience of the other classes only through pet fights and followers.

      I have yet to test the new class, assassin. What I would like to highlight is his ability to dodge and his ability to utilize the gladiator bonus more constantly because he attacks twice every turn. As someone mentioned elsewhere on the forum he has more trouble pulling off fights that require pretty much only critical hits but then again double hitting makes your damage against dodge and block more consistent.
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