The reset time for Server 2 has been modified to correctly mirror its North American status. It will no longer reset at 7:00 PM EST, but the more appropriate time of 12:00 AM EST (midnight).

Normally, there should not be any bugs or problems unless the server is down.


Some of you have complained that they sometimes don't get any reward for working as a City Guard. Here's what to do...

1) Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash version installed.

2) Click on City Guard, choose the number of hours you would like to work and click on Ok. Take your time and wait for the server to respond. Sometimes, there is a short delay and the server does not have the time to react properly if you click too quickly.

It should look like this:

3) Make sure that the remaining working time is shown in your browser window.

4) [optional] Click on Tavern...the text "you cannot enter the tavern while working" should appear.

5) When you log in to your account and you've finished working, you are notified by a text and sound. Click on Ok to receive your reward. Sometimes, the text is not displayed and you cannot click on Ok. However, the reward is still added to your gold