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How important is the "Fortress" part of the game?

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    How important is the "Fortress" part of the game?

    I was just wondering how important is the whole "Fortress" thing. I already got the achievement for 100 victories and i don't see the reason to keep on investing into that area of the game for now. Should i focus less on Fortress or should i keep investing gold into some part of it?

    You should invest into it continously cuz:

    High Hall of Knight level mostly is a requirements in better guilds (e.g you can't get into or you will be kicked from better guilds sooner or later if you have ~less than 15 lvl HOK.)

    Plus there are the Gems. (Which is related with the previously mentioned HOK). Gems are boosting your stats immensly.

    For example staying at 1 of my chars:

    My 3 stat epics giving like 3x 750 stats.
    While 1x big black gem gives like 5x 550 stats (550 stats to all). You can do the math, 9x black gems like that makes you hella strong.


      If you skip Fortress you will face the endless death of boredom.
      That's a fight you can't win.