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Gem mine by the fortress. How high should I build it?

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    Gem mine by the fortress. How high should I build it?

    I had the bright idea that I could leave the mine small to get much cheaper and faster searches.

    But the gems I find are not worth much. Do the level of the mine somehow limit the 'goodness' of the gems I can find?

    I have level 4 mine and level 11 hall of knights and guild boost for 500 levels of of Hall of Knights from other guild members but the gems I find give only about 165 stat boost.

    Should I rase the mine higher even though it makes searches slower and more expensive ?


    Thank you all such agreement of advices on a support board is wonderful.
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    There is a formula, which I don't remember the exact variables and proportions, that determines the amount of stats per gem. One of the factors involved is the mine level so yes, higher the level, higher the gems.


      In my opinion, you should rush the mine to lvl 10 to open undeworld (gladiator crit bonus is insane) and then slow down and keep the mine at least five lvls under lvl of your fortress. But that depends on your resource income, if you will be able to mine higher lvl gems without delaying building construction, you can build the gem mine higher. Still building is top priority.

      And the formula is something like this: lvl char*0.36*[1+0.15*(gem mine lvl-1)]+knights/3
      But it works only for 1 stat gems, not the black one.


        Actually I kept mine at lvl 10 until I got rest buildings maxed.

        Keeping ~5 level difference will bring you to ~5h of 24h wood/stone income expenses